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Palm Sized


Distraction, injury

The Shuriken is a flattened piece of metal that usually has four sharp points upon it or a spike, although several variants exist. The art of wielding a shuriken is known as shurikenjustu, which is taught by many samurai schools. Most shuriken are dart-like, which can be crudely crafted.

The Shuriken was not originally designed as a killing weapon, but as a distraction before a fight or escape.

Types of ShurikenEdit

Hira ShurikenEdit

Hira Shuriken

Also called the Shaken, they are the most known and popular form of shuriken, and were made from a variety of sources, such as coins, carpentry tools, spools, and nail removers. They They often have a hole in the center and possess a fairly thin blade sharpened only at the tip. The holes derive from their source in items that had holes – old coins, washers, and nail-removing tools. This proved convenient for the shuriken user, as well, as the weapons could be strung on a string or dowel in the belt for transport, and the hole also had aerodynamic and weighting effects that aided the flight of the blade after it was thrown.


  1. Juji (Cross Form)
  2. Happo (Spiked Form)
  3. Nademaji (Curved-Blade Form)
  4. Mikazuki (Swastika Form)


Bo-shuriken are throwing weapons consisting of a straight, iron or steel spike, usually four-sided but sometimes round or octagonal in shape. The bo-shuriken can be thrown in a number of ways, such as overhead, underarm, sideways and rearwards, but in each case, the throw involved the blade sliding out of the hand through the fingers in a smooth, controlled flight.


  1. Kugi-Gata (Nail Form)
  2. Hari-Gata (Needle Form)
  3. Hoko-Gata (Spear Form)
  4. Matsuba-Gata (Pine-Needle Form)


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