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Fording a river

Monomi (scouting or reconnaissance) was the art of observing a military situation outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and enemy presence.

According to the Giyoshu military manual, shinobi rested during the daytime but at night they acted as spies and monomi scouts. Watchmen would scout around no-man's land before they returned to their camp or before a change of guards. These watchmen should get familiar with the enemy's land with the guidance of shinobi no mono.

The three groups of mitsumono scouts were kagi, who sniff the air, monogiki who listen, and metsuke who see. All three are inu (dogs) or shinobi. Observing an enemy from afar is called kenmi (looking from a distance), observing while laying down is called miwake (to distinguish). Kamari-monomi (hidden scouting) is done while wearing armor by a group of shinobi or togiki (listening scouts).

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