A Natori Ryu scroll from the early Edo Period states the following about the martial arts that are to be used by the samurai and ninja:

Bugeisha no Shinaijina no Koto (Types of Martial Artists) Edit

  1. Yumi - Archery
  2. Uma - Horsemanship
  3. Kenjutsu - Swordsmanship
  4. Sojutsu - Spearsmanship
  5. Gunjutsu - Skills of War
  6. Yawara Jutoritei - Wresting and Grappling
  7. Teppo - Marksmanship
  8. Suiren - Aquatic Training

The scroll states that there are a myriad of other styles. However, there are offshoots from the above and all have benefits. Study each of these arts from someone who is skilled in that way.

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