Kutsukae (沓替え) (changing your footwear) is the ninjutsu of "deceptive stepping". There are ten variations according to Natori Masatake:

  • Nukiashi (ぬき足): Stealthy footsteps where you pull up your feet as you walk
  • Suriashi (すり足): Shuffling your feet along the ground
  • Shimeashhi (しめ足): Tiptoeing by restraining one's footsteps or tightening one's walk
  • Tobiashi (飛び足): Skipping
  • Kataashioto (片足音): Walking with a false limp
  • Oashi (オアシス): Walking with long strides
  • Koashi (小橋): Walking with short strides
  • Kizamiashi (刻み足): Reducing the size of one's stride
  • Hashiriashi (ハシリヤシ): Running
  • Tunenoashi (歩く): Walking

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